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May 12th, 2010

Yoga has been in my mind. Yet it hasn't been in my body. Nope for the past two days.

Part laziness & part moving. I'm happy to be moving so it feels ok not to have practiced yoga. I do miss it though.

Today I picked up a box of grocceries & felt my back later. I know when I practice yoga my back is stronger. I've felt the difference. I have to remember the 6 straight months I practiced.

As known, in moving. I'll have a roomate which is good since I work from home. It will spice up the nights by having another voice in the room besides John Stewart or an actual cable news show. - ZING!

But a little more seriously, I'll live with another fraternity brother. He & I talk business and it's a good perspective because he's all numbers & I'm all creative. This summer I know he & I will learn a lot.

I want to thank Missy for tweeting me to remind me about my goals.

I didn't bring my yoga mat yet the apartment but I can do some yoga poses tonight.

I'm ready for summer to start. It will be a good one.

I want to learn Spanish & I'm living in a neighborhood i'd like to volunteer in next month. As I think about goals for next month as I write about these goals.

May 4th, 2010

Today, I played golf as a substitute for yoga. I know it's not the best but I did hit 2 large baskets of balls. Nearly 70 balls per basket. I felt good for my first time back to a golf club since last September. Finding a little bit of my swing felt good.

Last night I did yoga at 11:30 pm. So I could still do it tonight. Fingers crossed for me...

Besides my yoga, I've finished 7 levels of #2 of the After College Academy (ACA) for

It feels good, especially because I know their is an opportunity to help people accomplish their goals. A little background on the ACA. It's made to help people transition from college to adulthood. Nothing spectacular but an organized location with a guide to help you stop treading & start doing. Graduation isn't hard but it can be difficult if you're lost. We can't take the time to muddle around, we need competent young citizens today.

Regardless, #2 is done. I will train an employee & start some promotional materials.

Regarding Europe, I like to travel on Tuesday's. I see that going to Europe will either be June 1st or my birthday June 8th. I have time to deal with this decision but not today.

I have written more than I thought I could today but it's all about the mission at hand. Keeping up with goals & accomplishing dreams for a greater good. Let's ride!

May 2010

I've decided to start sharing my monthly goals with the internet. Since I am choosing to make a life with the internet & hopefully forever, let's charm ourselves a better diary than simply drunken tweets. Goals & aspirations. Here we go:

1. Practice yoga everyday of the work week
2. Read 2 books - Suggestions?
3. Move to Minneapolis before Europe, June 1st or 8th.
4. Release #1 & #2 - After College Academy
5. Buy tickets for Amsterdam
6. Give people what they want...
7. Maybe buy a blog domain name instead of this blogger one.

Wee...Fun! Can you help me?

Follow my tweets & make sure I stay on track?

Share a goal with me in the comments.

What are you planning to accomplish this month?